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Tips to Achieve Success in Voice Search and SEO

According to recent statistics, voice searches make 20% of all searches. It is likely that this number will tremendously increase over the years. How do I optimize my website for voice search traffic? This is a common question asked by many website owners. If you have a website, then you will need to capitalize on this and get more traffic. Unfortunately, you may not be aware where to start.

Even if you are new to SEO world, you will find it easy to understand what voice search is. It simply searches on the web using voice command rather than text or typing. You may even be doing it yourself. However, you may not know the way it works.

Impact of voice search on SEO

SEO 2taThe truth is that voice search is changing the manner in which people use search engines. This is because it makes the search inquiries more conversational. In fact, you may feel that you are talking to a real person. It is estimated that voice search will make up 50% of all searches by 2020. Other than that, you need to understand that it changes the way keywords. Use the following tips to improve your voice search SEO strategies:

Use microdata

When you use microdata such as phone number, location, menus, operating hours, and pricing, your website can feature rich snippets. Moreover, it helps search engines to understand what your website is all about. In fact, microdata is quite important when it comes to voice search and SEO.

Consider your visitors

Remember that website content is not just about the keywords. Also, it is no longer about algorithms and robots anymore. Instead, it is about the way people talk. As far as voice search is concerned, you need to think like a real human.SEO 2ta2a

Ask questions

In this case, the aim is to ensure the language used is natural here. It is not sufficient to find out the target keywords and then use them in your content. You need to know the questions people are asking. Thus, it is a good idea if you can add FAQ section to your content. Here you can ask questions directly and answer them.

Mobile friendly

You need to ensure that your website is mobile friendly. With voice search, having a responsive website design is more important than ever before. This is because the majority of voice searches are made from mobile devices.