Tips on Hiring the Perfect SEO Expert

Professions within the health or the building and construction industries have been around for centuries. It’s subsequently relatively easy to get and consult a qualified practitioner in any of these fields. You, however, lose the yard stick of measuring the level of professionalism using the industry’s historical timeline when talking about Search engine optimization or SEO, for short. Hiring the perfect SEO expert shouldn’t, however, be a trial and error issue because SEO has evolved as a profession. Its guidelines are strong enough to help you discern between pros and quakes in the world of SEO.

Hiring an excellent SEO expert

Quantifiable results


This is the age of information eruption. Facts can be cooked and data generated to prove a point. SEO firms that don’t live up to best practices deploy this tricks to squeeze money from your advertising coffers. Carry out an SEO audit frequently to establish whether the results are quantifiable. Good results should be backed up with a rise in sales, and this should reflect on the health of the balance sheet. Measurable results are also attained according to the laid down code of ethics. Black hat SEO will, for instance, get good results but not for long since the site can be taken down at any time owing SEO malpractices.

Search engine rankings

It beats the logic to hire an SEO expert who is barely visible online. He who can’t afford a cup of tea can’t buy you a beer. In line with this fact, check how the SEO firm’s website rank in major search engines. This is significant if you’re hiring an SEO professional with the intentions of getting higher rankings on a particular search engine.

Google is, for example, the world’s top search engine but it’s not the most used search tool in countries such as Russia where Yandex reigns supreme. Yahoo and Naver are the preferred search engines in Hong Kong and South Korea respectively. It follows that the specialist with the highest experience in your search engine of choice gets to handle your online advertising endeavors.


skdnvslakdvlksadvlksndvlknsaldkvnasdvsadConsider what the SEO firm’s current clients say about her abilities to stir online activities that result in sales. Nearly all top SEO professionals work with notable brands. This doesn’t, however, mean going for SEO companies that handle the online marketing errands for the top 10 blue chip companies in any of the world’s major stock exchange. The firms that market big market players are likely to be too costly. Don’t let this dampen your spirits as you have a way out of this fix.

Take a medium SEO firm with an excellent string of clients. Go through her growth data and hire the company based on its good results delivery consistency. Look at how it has helped its clients to grow their online market share and by how much. The other form of endorsement involves what has been said about the SEO firm in notable print and online magazines. Journalists don’t take up their gear to go and cover an SEO expert who isn’t worth his or her clients’ time and money. They do it because of a firm’s unique SEO tactics and revolutionary approach to SEO challenges.